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Floyd County Voter Registration

Floyd County Voter Registration


A person must meet the following requirements to be a registered voter in Indiana:

•  A citizen of the United States
•  Be at least eighteen (18) years of age on the day of the next general election or municipal election.


Print Registration Form and Mail or Delivery to Clerk's Office 

Registration forms are available in the voter registration office or you can download the voter registration form (VRG-7) and mail the completed form to the Voter Registration Office. You can also use the form, VRG-7, to do a change of address or change of name and then mail the completed form to the Voter Registration office.  Please complete the form legibly and it is helpful if you include a phone number that if there is a problem we can contact you.

Online Registration:

If you have a valid Indiana Drivers License or Indiana ID Card you may now register online. Click here to visit Indiana Voters Website to register.

To update or check your voter registration status or request an absentee ballot please visit www.indianavoters.com .


  • In Indiana, a person cannot vote on Election Day unless the person has registered to vote by the deadline which is the 29th day before the Election (IC 3-7-13-10)
  • When registering to vote in Indiana a person DOES NOT declare any party affiliation, unlike in some other states.

Disfranchisement While Imprisoned:

A person who has been convicted of a crime and imprisoned following conviction is ineligible to vote while in prison and is removed from the registration rolls (IC 3-7-46-2) However a person who is imprisoned but has not been convicted of a crime (imprisoned and awaiting trial) is still eligible to vote and run for office.

The following are not considered imprisonment for the purpose of voting and if registered to vote may vote:

• On probation
• On Parole
• Subject to home detention or placed in community corrections program

Please note that after a person is released from prison, the person may register to vote and participate in the election process.


The registration process closes during the 29 days prior to an election.


Joy Bline – Voter Registration

Floyd County Voter Registration Office
311 Hauss Square Room 235
New Albany, IN 47150

Contact Floyd County Clerk's Office

Floyd County Clerk's Office
NA-FC City County Bldg
311 Hauss Square Room 235
New Albany, IN 47150

Phone #812-948-5411

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00am - 4:00pm

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