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Representing Yourself in a Divorce Proceeding

This webpage was created to provide valuable information, court forms and various resources for people who represent themselves in court. Self-representation (Pro-Se Representation) should not be taken lightly. There are many instances in which hiring an attorney is a good idea. We suggest that even if you use the forms provided below, you still talk with an attorney prior to submitting them to a court.

Forms DO NOT explain the law and may not provide all of the information necessary for a court to reach a decision. You have permission to use the files, forms and information presented here for any lawful purpose. The files and forms should not be used to engage in the unauthorized practice of law.

The Court assumes no responsibilities and accepts no liability for actions taken by your use of these documents, including reliance on their contents. All files are under continual revision. If you are not using these forms right away, or if you plan to use them repeatedly, we strongly recommend that you check in on a regular basis to make sure that the files you are using are the most current.

The Clerk's office and Court Employees are prohibited by law from giving legal advice. No one in the Clerk's office or Courts can help you complete the attached forms. When filing "Pro Se" or as a "Self Represented" party you are your own attorney. You are responsible for understanding the rules of law and completing the paperwork correctly. The forms below are provided as Microsoft Word (.docx) and Adobe PDF documents.

In addition to this information, a Floyd County Family Law Navigator is available to offer free assistance to pro se litigants. The Family Law Navigator can help ensure you accurately complete the paperwork and will discuss the opportunity for free and faster options for resolving your case. Call or email Ms Southard to set up an appointment.

Floyd County Family Law Navigator

Tabitha Southard

Floyd County Self-Represented Divorce Forms and Information

Additional Documents

For more information on Self-Represented Divorce please visit the Indiana Judicial Branch Self-Service Legal Center or contact the Floyd County Clerk's Office at 812-948-5411.